We take much pride in our customer service. We work with
our customers to make sure that their event is the greatest yet.
Not only can we deliver an exciting fireworks show, we can
advertise for your event.

Our staff will design & professionally print posters whatever
your needs are...

  • General awareness
  • A call for donations
  • Advertising your sponsors around town!

Posters are FREE* when you use Sky Magic!
  • Professionally designed

  • Professionally printed

  • Posters are 12 x 18 inches (much better than those little, white 8.5 x 11 papers you've been using.)

  • Printed on heavy-weight poster paper

  • Very colorful & eye-catching

  • We can contact your sponsors for their information & logos

  • You can help with the layout or leave it up to our professionals
*Minimum commitment and show budget required.

Poster info must be submitted using our online poster form no less than 60 days prior to the event.
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Let's Get Started!
Click here for our Poster Form
Let's Get Started!
Click here for our Poster Form