Saturday May 7th 2011

2749 East County Rd 1200 North
Brazil, Indiana 47834  

Please join us for our annual spring training. If you have been wanting to
see how professional fireworks shows are designed and shot please call us
today to register. If you are a seasoned veteran of display fireworks we
would love for you to come and bring a friend.

Attendees will participate in activities that will include...

  • electronic set up of display fireworks
  • set up of demo (demo set for 9pm)
  • general safety
  • NFPA 1123 guidebook overview
  • tips and tricks for getting the best use out of your fireworks dollar!
  • dinner at 5pm
  • demo at 9pm
  • wall of fire

We also be doing demonstrations such as shooting shells through
plywood and having Patrick (our official pyro crash dummy) get blown up!

A beginner level written exam will also be given at end of day to became
certified under Sky Magic Pyrotechnics for those interested.

No experience needed to attend. Minimum age 18.

Training is always free. All we ask is that if you have a friend interested,
please bring them along. Please also bring turnout gear (if you have any)
or other personal protection gear as there will be firing of shells up to 6"
of those interested. (Protection gear will also be provided for those who
need it.)

Reasons to attend

  • General interest in display fireworks
  • Veteran operators to brush up on general safety and share
    experience with rookies
  • Preview some of the fireworks Sky Magic has to offer for your display
  • Network with other pyros

Event is rain or shine. Register (below) today to secure your spot.
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We provide this training every year for those interested in display fireworks and as a refresher for our
current operators and assistants. Sky Magic Pyrotechnics (formally Pyrotechnic Productions) has operated
fireworks displays across Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky & Michigan since 1990. If you are interested in a
proposal for your fireworks display please talk to us about the several options available at your budget.
Attending training and becoming certified under Sky Magic Pyrotechnics is the first step in becoming a Sky
Magic display operator. Becoming a display operator is based off of several factors including previous
experience, availability, and other factors. For more information please call or email.

Looking forward to seeing you!

-Sky Magic Team  
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